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Each day we see our world in turmoil
Life always seems ready to explode
Many ask themselves if there is a God
If there is does He not really know?

We speak words that need not be spoken
For it’s not God who causes all our pain
As we see so much happen daily in our lives
Caused by many longing for worldly gain

Some will speak saying they come in His name
While preaching His word hoping to be paid
But the Lord told us God will send a teacher
Who will guide seeking hearts in His way

In this world, many look with lusting hearts
At material, treasure to satisfy their needs
Not realizing the true cause of all their ills
Is placed before eyes by one seeking to deceive

Many curse the poor and needy who live among us
Our leaders and teachers each day embrace bribes
We find corporations who move not to pay taxes
While on many backs they seem joyfully to ride

Let them not easily fool your minds each day
For in the near future, there will come a time
Where One who is hidden will come judging us all
For not believing in Him, there will come a time

The Lord God made many wonderful living treasures
Those whose selfless love for others will daily shine
For their hearts chose always to be close to Him
Because they’re a part of his eternal living vine

Your spirits will shine each day radiantly
More brightly than the many stars at night
And when many come to know your genuine spirit
They are filled quickly with His loves light

Your heart will always remain one with God
And the Lord God, many shall come to know
That when God created you in this world
He made precious gems He never wanted to let go.

Daniel 2:21
He controls the course of world events; he
removes kings and sets up other kings. He
gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the

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