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Why do you affect me so,
Why does my heart tear often
Setting free certain feelings
Of tranquility which opens the
Mind freely, while embracing
The moment where a heart
Is swept away…

For as I look into your eyes
I see something more than love
Something more than want and
Need, something wonderfully

If I could give it a name, so
Inspiring would it be, if
I could bottle it, so invigorating
Would it be, and if I could taste
It’s power, I know its power would be

Yet your love is mine and the
Taste of this reality makes me
Long for you more each and every
Day of my life

For no matter what happens in our
Lives, my love belongs to only you
And your heart will always find a
shelter of peace within mine…

…because our love is one together.

Happy Birthday, Deborah Ann!

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