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This morning as you awaken
opening your eyes to his
sweet joy, let your heart sing
a new song while praising His
great love which you seek today
to employ

Reach out to those you meet
each day allowing them a chance
to come to know, the perfect
love who has promised you that
he will never let you go

Let the spiritual radiance
alive in your smile speak
with many unspoken words,
bringing to life the
lasting beauty of GODS love
alive in the spiritual rhythms
which by ears are heard

Never be ashamed to tell someone
about the greatness of His eternal
love, when they ask who it is you
speak of, tell them it is Jesus
Christ who you are speaking of

With everything happening in this
world many need a very quiet place,
where they can go to rest from the
world’s pain and sorrow in His sure

that will erase all of their stress

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