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Lord, You have caused
me to cry this day, when
I thought of how often
You must think of me…

For often days go by where
You are not on my mind, while
selfishly I only think of
myself more, and this has
caused deep sadness in my

I long for the day to come
where I will breathe and think
of you with every conscious
thought though it may seem to
be an impossible task…

Increasing the time I think
of you will help to make each
new day more of a treasure,
for you would be with me deep
in my mind, my heart, and soul
renewing and nourishing me

And it seems such a small thing
to ask of me, to turn my heart
away from its own selfishness
especially since you always think
of me each and every day.

Written 1976
Isaiah 55:4
” Seek the Lord while He may be found, call
upon Him, while He is near”
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