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My love will grow much deeper
Each day while I am far away,
I’ll wish upon the brightest star
While at my desk to God I pray

I will call to God to keep me safe
So your lovely face I will soon see,
The moment I no longer fight loneliness
That being at work always causes to be

Each morning at work when we are apart
It’s true my heart is constantly aching,
But I will remain a dedicated to you
While my heart is patiently waiting,

I find in life many things come easier
When true moments are faced by two,
So I will anxiously await the time
When I return tonight to be with you

Your love is like a soothing river
Whose serenity in life I really need
To fill the reservoir within my heart
While by your side I wait to be, patiently.

(Time spent apart makes a deep hunger grow when one is in love)

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