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You fill my heart with
Heavenly rhythms which
I hear while sleeping
Throughout the night

Touching the deep parts
Of my inner being, while
You fill my heart and mind
With your spirits insight

Through the darkness
I’m made to see clearly
The life-light alive
Within for all to receive

If they would only humbly
Open their hearts while
Reaching to receive your
Salvation gift which sets
One free.

John 5:39
You examine the Scriptures carefully
because you suppose that in them you
have eternal life. Yet they testify
about me. (Jesus)

Hebrews 9:12
and not through the blood of goats
and calves, but through His own blood,
He entered the holy place once for
all, having obtained eternal redemption.
Photo Image Credit
Thanks to my sister Leyla Garza
for use of her lovely image,