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My love you are a God of
Great mercy, a Lord of
Great love, a King of great charity

You were before all
Thoughts were conceived
Of the dream Gods of men

You were when the universe knew
No sin and all did praise
And glorify your name

You were, the life of all that was
And your life was of the Son,
And the Son was of your life

The Spirit was of you Lord,
For He is your power
And the power of the Son

Woe be to him that dares to
Separate by mouth with blasphemous words,
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

For how can the one who
Has no knowledge,
Speak on He who has all knowledge?

How can he that is with sin
Disregard He that is without sin
As not being a reality?

How can he that can only create
Things corruptible, which do not last,
Destroy that which was created
By an unblemished God, and not suffer
The wrath of his anger

Because of his corruption
He will die…unless he calls
Upon the Lord Jesus Christ
To intercede for him.


On You, Lord I shall depend
All of the night and
All of the day and
You shall be my only Lord

Your strong right arm
I shall always rely upon
To protect me from the
Sharp arrows of the enemy

Your living word shall be
My only shield against his
Frontal attacks and the power
In your name, yes, the power
In your name will protect me
From the rear

And your love shall be my hedge
From evil and none shall
Overcome or trample the hedge

For who is mightier than you?

On you my heart will always depend
For a spiritual life so rich and
Abundant, for all that I am, my life
Is only in your hands to give me
“All That I Need.”

Your hand, dear Lord, is always upon
Me like a ray of sunlight parting the
The clouds to find a small flower on
The earth

You have found me Lord, and
There is nowhere that I may be
Where you Lord cannot always
Find me

For as the rains that fall,
Finding the smallest essences
Of life, my Lord, you have
Always found me

You have touched me with your
Word, for there is a certain
Beauty and wholesomeness to
Be found in your word

For you have ordained your word
To live forever, and never will
It come to an end, for your word
Is eternal.


You have made my life to be
Full of Your daily blessings

And it is so wonderful to know
That my life is in your hands

For my faith and trust are in that
Promise that you delivered to me
Within your words, and I know you will
Never leave me, I know you
Will never leave me alone

And I thank You Lord for your eternal
Love, and also your everlasting kindness

So I pray Oh Lord, never please depart from
My side, and always lead me daily in Your
Awesome ways.

Spoken word, Wendell A. Brown,
Music, Mark A. Sellers. The track is
On Sound cloud, and all four poems are
From my book, ‘The Fire That Burns Within,’
Copyright 2013. If there are Any slip-ups
know that they will soon be corrected
before the CD is released.