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Your smile has cut
Me deep within,
Causing me to feel
So much dismay…

But how can I let
Go of your smile, if
My heart really
Wants it to stay

You brought to me
Something special,
Truly lacking in my
World this day

As you gave my mind
New things to think
About in so many
Wonderful and special

For you have spoiled my
Yearning heart with all
The special things which
You do and say

Making a captive of
My lonely heart as its
Sadness you did slay

I tried to get away from
You, yet here within my
Heart, you now thrive

While you made up your
Precious mind, deep
Inside of my heart your
Love would never say

This day I sought not
To love you yet you
Made me girl to fall

I thought about running
Away at this moment, yet
Your selfless, genuine
Love changed it all

You humbled me very
Deeply causing a growing
Need within me to stay

Leaving me with a love
Swept mind, and of your
Beauty a willing slave.

(April 1977)

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