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Each day my love I think of you
And so happy I am made to be
As my life becomes so joyful
With the love, you bring to me

There’s not a better way my love
Starting the birth of each new day
Then to embrace your beautiful smile
As it inspires my heart in many ways

Love is genuine to me my dearest
When it beautifully comes from you
For you are the one dream I embraced
Which In my life finally came true

I find as each precious moment passes
There will truly be no better way
To brighten my life with such radiance
Then having your smile in my life to stay

Every morning will bring new blessings
As my eyes awaken to your lovely smile
Inspiring my heart with joyful moments
Making my life wonderfully worthwhile.

(December 1, 1978)

Song of Songs 1:15,
How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh,
how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.
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