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This Beautiful Love of Mine
Every morning that I awaken
I find my heart to shine
And it’s because I am made so happy
By this beautiful love of mine

I arise each day with a song in my heart
And so sweet a song is it I sing
For my vocal tones are made so melodic
By this love that my love does bring

Every day seems a holiday
And much more than that complete
For she makes every day so beautiful
When in the morning her eyes I meet

For every morning that I awaken
How happy God has made me to be
For he has given me a taste of his heaven
In this beautiful love he has given me

The Best Part

Love helped me go to sleep last night
She made my dreams peaceful and sweet
She caused laughter in my heart to rise
Leaving sweet memories for my heart to keep

And love she awakened me this morning
With a smile, that is one of a kind
She embraced me softly with her gentle eyes
I am so proud her love is mine

And love sent me on my way today
Off into life’s hard daily grind
But in her heart, her eyes were always on me
As she thought of me all the time

And at the end of the day while tired
Love found time to lift my heart
For she kissed me twice upon my lips
Saying this time of day was her very best part

Promise Me

Promise me your tender love
Will always be near to me
Promise me the dream I dream
Will now also of yours be

Promise me a kiss each day
And a warm tight hug each night
Promise me that when it’s dark
You’ll provide my much-needed light

Promise me I will never see
Any sad or lonely days
Promise me I am what you need
So much in every way

For an assurance is what I really desire
So please this day now give to me
Your most dear and holy promise
That from my side you will never leave

Photo Image Credit,
I thank my sister Esther for
the use of her lovely image of
a red rose. hortusclosus.wordpress.com


From the Book and CD,
Entitled “Reality”
All lyrics/poems;
Wendell A. Brown,
Music Mark’Zeke Sellers,
Copyright 2014