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Lost to my eyes is the morning sun
When to this day I now arise
Dark clouds hovered high above
As rain showers shared my skies

My world was so sad and lonely
With my heart much like this day
For you are far away from me
Yes so far from where I now lay

It is really hard for me to begin
Facing the sadness of this new day
When usually It starts with a smile
The one which takes my breath away

And I find its so very hard to do
Getting myself ready to go to work
For I am always greeted by your smile
But loneliness close to me now lurks

Its tentacles quietly try to entrap me
Placing its many wares into my mind
Though I try to overcome sad thoughts
I find myself overwhelmed over time

Lost to my eyes is your priceless smile
This cold day when from our bed I arose
That even Shakespeare could never capture
My mood, in sweet succulent lines of prose.


There were times where our jobs would keep us
apart for short times, she would be TDY, and I
would be mister mom, with our daughter, but when
two are close, that would bring alive many sad
lonely moments. But that always made the
returning embrace more wonderful.