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So lonely are the passing hours to me
Since we are now so very far apart
Misery showers my thoughts and dreams
Leaving my heart in a place lonely and dark

Sadness daily parks its presence near
Seemingly so very close, so deep within
While the sunset surrounds me like a cell
Keeping the awful pain in my heart locked in…

I knew it would soon come to be one day
A time when you would have to go away
I thought I was prepared for this moment
But I’m so lost without any words to say

As the feelings seem a natural part of things
During these quiet moments while I am alone
And the beauty of this lovely Hawaiian sunset
Won’t remove the loneliness from our home

Tonight try to imagine in your heart and mind
What I am going through while you are away
Know my heart anxiously awaits your return
Assuring lovely Hawaiian sunsets again will stay.

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