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You cannot touch me
from where you stand,
yet you cause my hands
to tremble…

I am but a faint vision
to your eyes at this
distance, yet I feel their
warm arresting embrace

You can do no harm to me
from where you are yet
the damage and harm is
already done

I seek a hiding place from
you, yet there is no place
to go for I cannot hide
from my own soul

Maybe if I close my eyes
I will be rid of you, yet
Your vision has become my
minds most desired thought

Even though there are no
visible shackles to see,
I have become a prisoner
Of my many thoughts of you

In a place where there are
no bars to keep me locked
in… yet I am held captive
by a loving keeper, and her
name is…love.

Written the second day
after meeting Deborah,
April 1977