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I felt the emotions early
Very deep within my heart
When my breath was taken away
As each new day would start

I found my heart in constant turmoil
While my mind seemed lost in a daze
Each time your smile embraced me
With a new joy which now would stay

My days would become more anxious
And my nights felt the same way too
As a need for you would not leave me
Knowing in my heart it’s because of you

Each day my life becomes more inspiring
Since the first moment, I met your smile
Realizing joy became a sweet blessing as
Each life moment became more worthwhile

The first moment I heard your name
I easily begin to dream of you
Finding you were needed in my life
To change my sky from grey to blue

I reasoned how quickly it came about
How a smile which was so new to me
Would cause me such unhappiness
Whenever the smile I could not see

Your name became like a beautiful song
Whenever its beauty would grace my ears
As it became the dearest of treasures
That to my heart would become so dear

I now realize its sweet embracing power
When each new day it becomes plain to see
I will always have a reason to feel this way
Because God made you a blessing for me.

(April 1977)

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