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Hear my voice Lord, as I cry out to You
Hear the weeping from within my heart
Hear the timeless anguish crippling me
From my beginnings yes from the start

For I have found as I lived in this world
True salvation only comes from Your Hand
And right now it seems so very far away
From right here Lord, where I now stand

Please, Lord, do not turn Your back on me
Always my shepherd and my heart daily lead
For I long for freedom from my sinful cell
Because much closer to You I now long to be

Hear the dire cry Lord of a sinner born
Who once fell low in his life each day
Severely blinded by his own selfishness
One who alone could never find his way

I pray to You from my heart’s deepest place
Where no one else in this world can see
I cry out to You with my heart wide open
Please come near to me Lord and rescue me

Never let me become lost to the world’s evil
As they try to tempt me with their pleasures
For they will strike daily at my sinful flesh
Attempting to keep me from my truest treasure

Let me not fall deep into a pit of desolation
But reach down lifting me from its drowning pool
Set my feet on Your solid foundation dear Lord
As my life and my heart will only belong to You.

Wendell A. Brown,
From ‘Deep Within Your Well’,
November 1976
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