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My tears were hidden upon my face
As a shower fell from the skies above
Such darkness now has filled my life
As I frantically searched for those I love

My life today has become very different
Should I embrace this gift which I now have
For it comes with so much hurt and sadness
I begin to wonder why I am not also dead

The heavy smell of death surrounds me
Yet enlightened grateful faces I now see
For every time my eyes saw another fall
The living again truly make me believe

That there is a bright future for all of us
Amid the prayers for our love ones who left
That we can rise above this massive crisis
With new life blossoming from their deaths

I will never truly be the same again
Embracing the pain my heart now bleeds
So I push on forward with my young life
So my loves ones who passed may now see

The power of their spirits deep within me
The great strength that was always theirs
Daily helps me to overcome my inner sadness
While erasing the remnants of my tears.

(11 March 2011 FUKUSHIMA)

By Wendell A. Brown,
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My heart pains every day as I see children, killed
maimed and left without family, because of acts terrorism,
around the world and even in our own country. This poem
I wrote a few years back when seeing the tears of children
after the nuclear accident in Japan. Today I see horrors,
bombings and murders all too often each day and my heart
breaks in two. Those who hide their faces are cowards while
committing hideous crimes, and yet God sees it all and
justice will come soon…Let us pray for peace and healing
and the coming of a better day and world to embrace the
children, women, men, and families whose lives are constantly
being torn apart by evil humans around the world. You all have
my hearts daily prayers and love…God bless all!