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I can never be free of your smile
As each day its, become my daily cell.
Even though no eyes can view the bars
Your smile has become my precious jail

I cannot understand what I am feeling
As it’s a daily heaven and hell to me.
It seems I breathe life for only you
Yet when alone sadness won’t let me be

So many new feelings seem to overwhelm me
Some feeling wrong, as others seem right,
Many bring me to the depths of sadness
While many others bring a pleasant delight

There are many moments when I am alone
Where I crave your love to be close to me.
Even though at that time you may be close
A certain unhappiness will not let me be

There are seconds and there are minutes
Where I am left with only daydreams of you
Anxiously hoping, and waiting for the time
When my afternoon will finally be through

Finding then it does not really matter
Whether you may be near or so far away
For I am never free of your tender smile
If your image in my heart always stays.

(Written April 1977, after first meeting my wife to be)
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