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The path we walk will always end as one
Though we will try to control all we do
We can never alter what is to come in life
Unless the path we choose leads back to you

Many things bring us happiness as we grow
Many sorrows will tend to make us sway
We will see ourselves daily change in life
Many times we will find ourselves to stray

Our first breath brought our life’s footprint
A gift from the living God alone who creates
Yet He had a limit in life intended for us
And with a simple choice we might shape our fate

Face everything which tries to master your soul
Remain strong and from His wisdom never run
For the path of life will remain true to you
If we choose understanding we will overcome

When we choose the straight and narrow path
Electing from the wide worldly one to run away
We will live to taste of the Lord’s promises
As His blood already paved the narrow paths way

For the material and flesh of this world will pass
And only the God filled Spirit will eternally last.

Wendell A. Brown,
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