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As the sun slowly sets behind darkened mountains
As its radiance softly disappears beneath the sea
There I find in these most captivating of moments
I will always have a deep desire by your side to be

When the moon’s beauty appears from the shadows
As the stars dance forward delivering their light
I will treasure our precious moments together
As our hearts dance together as stars shine bright

We now hear the rhythmic serenade of trade winds
With hauntingly beautiful melodies filling our ears
Finding nothing is more important at this moment
As the many times I hear you say ‘I love you dear’

Beneath the energetic spirits of smiling stars up high
As they send down heavenly fragrances from up above
Realize no one will be as special to me in this world
As you the beautiful one whom I call my life’s love.

(November 1983 Ohau, Hi)

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