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dsc05324 cindy

You have always made me feel very special
Each day in my life which I spend with you
Your actions will never cease to amaze me
You are much more than a dream come true

Your soothing voice daily embraces my heart
Also in a similar way your awesome smile
For as each second of my life does pass by
With you beside me my life is so worthwhile

Even as I close my eyes to happily daydream
I daily find a tranquil bliss to be so very near
And each night when I dream lovingly of you
My heart will never embrace any type of fear

The touch of your love is a genuine reality
Wonderfully alive in all the moments we share
Amidst the wealth born of a promised future
We shall always know the other will be near

Being allowed to love you completely in my life
Will each day remain my most priceless treasure
Knowing when I embrace you each new morning
My life will be filled with your love forever.
Thank you for 43 wonderful years of bliss Deborah!
Happy Anniversary today!

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