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Remember the moments when we first met
Frame them inside of your heart like Gold
Holding on to the feelings you felt those days
And from your spirit never letting them go

Remember the first time my lips spoke to you
With such a genuine smile alive on my face
Telling you there would never be one to come
Whom my heart would ever want to embrace

Remember all the wonderful times we spent together
The many happy ones and even those which were sad
How strongly we faced them straight on together
And in our thirtieth year we once again chose to wed

Renewing those priceless vows which our hearts made
With an abundant love which never seems to cease
For you made my life more than something ordinary
With your priceless love you made my heart complete

Within both of our hearts it will always stay this way
And from each of us the genuine feelings won’t depart
We shall always be soul mates belonging to each other
Being a cherished treasure forever in each other’s hearts.

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