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You placed your love
within my aching heart
yes by your spirits hands
I felt your soft caress

Undeserving as I was
You saw something good
alive deep within me…

You saw a spark and you
ignited the flames

You increased my faith as
I felt the quickening of
Your spirit while my
happiness began to shine…

pushed forth by the many
tears falling from my eyes

I never thought myself
deserving of having
anyone share their love
with me, for I thought
I was a worthless and
sinful soul

Yet your Invisible hand
embraced me lifting me
from the darkness which
colored my world daily

And through the darkness
a shimmering light shared
Its radiance bringing a
heavenly light to shine,
chasing the dark out of
my soul

I felt the scars of sin as
they dropped from wtihin my
body as the healing blessing
began and your spirits breath
gave life to one who once was
spiritually dead but now made

And in my heart I began to
ponder this thought, who
would ever turn away from
One whose heart is ever
forgiving, and ever sharing
of genuine true blessings

Who could turn away from
such a vibrant soothing
touch of love, and its ever
filling melodies of joy

Who would once they received
this ransom for a debt of sin
which they could never repay,
once they felt the energy of
His life light would ever seek
to leave His presence

And I knew at that moment
the prayer which I prayed
this day was answered,and
that I could never in my
life live without You, Lord!

A poem I wrote in November 1976 When the
Lord answered a prayer for change in my
life when I was running from the Lord to
to embrace me, perfecting a lasting change.
I Asked for a genuine blessing to come into
My life… and He answered my prayer. I share
it because He can answer the prayers of many
who are in need of His blessing, if only they
believe and ask Him to come into their lives!
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