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The silence of your smile
pleases me for I need not
hear you speak verbally to
know you love me

For your smile is always
consistent in showing me
its joy with each passing
day I receive its embrace

What a constant treasure
you are to my life with your
smiles alluring radiance

There is never a moment given
birth where my heart is not
truly thankful for the
happiness filling each new

More than a wife you are, for
you are my best friend, one
who will always embrace my
heart with your hearts grace
and love

I feel the words spoken softly
by lips knowing I will never be
be without the cherished melodies
your smiles soft bliss has formed

What a gift they share with my
soul, and imprinting lasting
memories on my hearts walls

And as the ray of your love’s
light touches my eyes, I know
I am loved, and will always
be cherished by you.

Deborah, you are a wonderful
Mother to our children, and
to our grandchildren, you are
a true treasure to me…my
best friend and wife…

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