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I touched your hand and never knew
I would suddenly fall in love with you
I never realized in a single moment
My dream would finally come true

I did not anticipate the serenity
Which falling in love would bring
Yet when I embraced you in my arms
I felt the joy that makes one sing

Every moment when you are next to me
My heart feels it tasted of heaven
Never thinking I would feel this way
As many amazing feelings would begin

I never knew after kissing your lips
My heart would never again be the same
Never thinking I would be so happy
Each time my lips now speak your name

When I find myself waiting for you
So anxious are the times embracing me
While all is made to be much better
By the joy in your smile I always see

I never imagined when I embraced you
My heart would be quickly swept away
Yet I found that magic moment to happen
As I received your gift of love today.

(April 1977)

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