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the-road-to-heaven (1)

As my lips speak to you at this second
That time blessed us this day to share
Let them fill the air with a freshness
Of many priceless words sweet and fair

Let them speak to you of many secrets
Which have always found life within
So when the spoken words are finished
With me this day you will now begin

Let the pure love essence in our hearts
Cause our eyes together as one to glow
While our hearts feel a moments warmth
That only those in love will truly know

For the words are not at all empty
Meaningless phrases that fill the air
For they are more than special in nature
And their many truths precise and clear

And it can all happen at this moment
That we now find time to us has spared
Allowing my lips to speak very earnestly
The true feelings of a heart that cares.

(APRIL 1977)

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