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There is a love which lives deep within
A genuine one which will never go away
No matter how one might try to release it
In our hearts and minds, we find it stays

Whenever another touches our inner being
While bringing their pleasant peace inside
We find ourselves to become comfortable
As we begin to embrace them in our lives

They may become genuine friends who care
They might become sisters and brothers too
They brighten our lives each time they speak
Changing gray skies to ones of crystal blue

The hearts of these special ones we care for
Are so genuine and selfless in every way
They are in our lives for special reasons
Making sunny our cloudy and rainy days

Whether you are a dear sister or brother
Or the truest friend one in life may find
You are a treasure to those who love you
Because of the selfless heart in you we find.

(To all those who become genuine friends to us!)

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