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The uncertainty in your eyes touched me deeply
It caused me inside to shed soft silent tears
For deep within where my happiness once lived
It made me now want again in my life to share

For inside my heart is where my joy will live
So I want to share with you its healing powers
Helping many feelings of happiness come alive
Deep within your heart for many days and hours

I wanted to chase away any doubt you may have had
Which seemed to cloud your thoughts at this time
I wanted to embrace your bright smiling face today
With the sweet laughter you now brought to mine

For I knew there would come a single timeless moment
Where a sweet monument of love inside would arise
Within your heart giving life to a new special hope
That my love would share with you very deep inside

Allowing you to realize you have that same power
To chase all of your present uncertainty away
Knowing I will never leave you a single moment
Because my embracing love in your life will stay.
Another one of my favorites – have a blessed weekend!

Written April 1977,
Copyright 2013,
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