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I am moved each day to write a song
To lift up Your holy name in praise
For I seek the splendor of Your love
To make heavenly all my new days

As I open my eyes today to see
What your hands exquisitely made
I am moved with much satisfaction
Rising up from where I once laid

As this new day begins its life anew
Being different from the day before
I find a blossoming happening within
As my hand reaches to Your open door

In prayer I rise my Lord asking
For the forgiveness of all my sins
Asking You to wash and cleanse me
So like this day anew I may begin

Though in the flesh I am imperfect
I find it gratifying my Lord to see
You never change day-to-day in life
As we of flesh Lord often find to be

We must always remain very cognitive
Viewing what happens in this world
That we may become to many a help
While becoming a pearl of Yours.

(September 1976)

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