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You are beautiful to me
even while you sleep
your beauty overwhelms
my senses because its
so very genuine

My appreciation of you
begins with the personality
which leaves everyone you
meet so breathless

The eyes colored brown so
naturally with an elegant
shading as if painted by a
Rembrandt or an early master
with a certain beauty shared
within your smile

A soothing voice that when it
speaks, constantly thinks of those
you love whether family or friends
for they are all one with you and
treasured in the same adoring way

The gentleness of the love
you possess tells all it exists
deeply for only one, as it is
openly displayed in every loving
embrace and kiss we share

You are a treasure which is assured
a lasting place among the most admired
genuine, selfless beautiful women over
time whose love of God crowns your
wholesome beauty with grace

For your beauty showers my life
with a lasting bliss, which will
always fill my heart and soul
abundantly with the blessings of
your love.

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