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enazul  Solange

Within the gift of
heavens serenity which
I feel my heart
abundantly receives

There’s a wonderful
blessing of a genuine
love which is passed
from God to me

I am nourished by its
life-giving powers while
being blessed with many
lasting smiles

As I feel the embrace
of its alluring bliss I
know my life to God is
so worthwhile

In a single moment I
found joy blossoming
reminding me of my deep
tender love for You

And I found such a
natural high come
alive reminding me
Your love is forever

I will remain captivated
by Your love whose life
light will daily move my
heart and soul

Knowing I have but one
desire each day in my
life and that is to
never let Your love go.

Psalm 22:10
From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s
womb you have been my God.
Photo Image Credit,
thanks to my sister,Solange for allowing
me the use of her wonderful photo, one of
many beautiful gems which appear
on her beautiful blog.
I wrote this poem yesterday five minutes after
reading and being inspired by a beautiful love
poem that my friend and brother Andy, shared on
his blog dragonstory.wordpress.com, entitled
‘With.’ A very beautiful poem. Andy is a very
awesome and gifted writer-poet!