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img_0972 leylagarza

When by God two are brought together
They become one for an endless time
Nothing can ever come between them
Their union is blessed by the Divine

No matter what occurs in their lives
The things that daily come their way
Never a time will they be separated
As combined their love seeks to stay

Their special love becomes more precious
As together their love blessing is shared
Finding even when not physically together
The other’s love constantly remains near

Their hearts will beat as one together
In a special way, only God had in mind
Jointly their lives will be inseparable
Far beyond their bodies passing times

Selfless love is an eternal gift of God
And just like His love in our lives stays
As two we were destined to become one
Finding love blossoming in priceless ways

Each day we will feel a special anointing
As our hearts daily embrace the others love
We Know God will keep watch over our lives
With His continual blessings from up above.

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