Each morning I find myself awakening
To your love song which fills my mind
Thankful to feel your love embracing me
Wondering if today there will be enough time

Or how many breaths this day I shall possess
As the many hours begin to fall into place
For no one can ever take away from me Lord
The  precious gift of your priceless embrace

I find my spirit always seems to blossom
Renewing its awesome love for you each day
Often wondering how many hearts will feel
The tender love I feel from you in many ways

I praise you Lord, though I have not seen
With my eyes your smiling eyes face to face
Yet Lord I am made aware of your presence
As I am blessed with your loving embrace

My heart never finds a time its deprived
Of the greatest joy in life known to man
For there is no love living in this world
Like the breathtaking love of the great “I AM”

One day I will soon face my body’s ending
This pitiful sinful cell made of bone and flesh
Yet I know I received the greatest treasure
For within my spirit Your gift of life will last

For each day I will find my spiritual self alive
A lasting part of the living vine which endures
Knowing when the time comes to leave my body
Your endearing love embraces me forevermore.

Photo Image credit,
Picture My Thoughts by Myra Johnson,