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christs love

My heart awakens each day with a new psalm
Which I will joyfully recite for my King
A psalm of tender love, a psalm of praise
Because He means everything to me

Each day on my knees I happily speak the words
Before His presence on his heavenly throne
Lovingly He accepts what is spoken from my lips
For he knows that their melodies are never done

He has saved me from sin’s deep darkened pit
And from sinking into its tormenting hell
He gave his life as an eternal ransom for me,
And now my heart each day must joyfully tell.

Of His goodness, love and many tender mercies
About how His loving grace has set me free
How he saved a lowly sinner from certain death
Giving me the blessing of life I daily need

My heart births the reasons I’ll tell the world
About the sweet salvation He alone will bring
For each day in my life He’s become my everything
As His love means more than the world to me.


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