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My love has tender ways
a warm heart, and a soft
smile, with a forgiving
touch, He is his Fathers

There is no place in my love
where evil is found, for my
love is Godly perfection,
and its priceless joys

My love never deserts me
but is always by my side
to answer all my needs
filling my heart and mind
with His happiness

My love is loving, compassionate
He is eternal and enduring, my
love is my rock , my salvation.
and the light of my life

My love is all things to me that
are beautiful and the best of
treasures yet unseen by the eye

And my love can also be your love,
come He is not filthy, or sinful but
loves continually with the fullest
and truest of loves, helping to
guide our lives with His holy spirit

He is the peace and joy of heaven
and the living breath, that fills
our lungs each day that we may
taste of his goodness

For my love is Spirit and He loves
me everlasting to everlasting with
His spiritual unending amazing love
And He is my sure salvation.

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