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I find never a day in life passes by
Where I daydream of both of you
Wondering if you also think of me
As you do what angels in heaven do

You have a lasting place in my heart
My daydreams and my night-dreams too
And when your images embrace me daily
I remember how I love the both of you

I wish I could hold you together again
Gazing lovingly into your pure smiles
For my heart I find misses you dearly
As I still long for you both all the while

And yet when these times seem lonely
I find myself blessed by your kisses
Remembering as I feel both of them
They’re the perfect gifts my heart misses

I will be together with you again soon
Each passing day we share in my life
As I receive your many angelic kisses
I’ll know everything is always alright…

Knowing you are daily enjoying His love.

“To my sons, Ian and Madison Brown.”

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