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Shall my heart not leap with vibrant joy
At the coming of each new day
Is not my heart full of the happiness
That my spirit has now embraced

For You Lord are my constant pleasure
The life that allows my heart to beat
For with each new breath I take deeply
I daily embrace the love my heart seeks

I lift up my praises to You, “Lord Of Hosts”
For Your Holy name is my most valued treasure
As I rise each day with the new morning sun
In my life there won’t be a time called never

For all my steps are written in your book of life
As my beginnings can be traced back to Your love
When my heart was fashioned by your loving hands
To daily give praise to You the Only Living God.


From birth I was cast on you;
from my mother’s womb you have been my God.
Psalm 22, Verse 10

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