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I shall not forget You
All the days of my life,
And when I do, my last
Thought shall be of You.

In my dreams I shall
Think of You, and my
Heart shall nourish upon
Every thought, and I
Shall thank You every
Day of this my life.

When I awaken in the
Morning to the singing
Of birds, I shall happily
Smile, for I will know
You alone have watched
Over me keeping me safe.

My mouth shall always be
Full of praise for You,
For in this life no one
Has ever been closer to
Me than You

And if I shall die this
Day, never again feeling
Your warmth, please do
Not forget my words

That I loved You Lord,
With all the strength
Of my heart, my soul,
My mind, and my spirit
While I was alive in
This world.

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