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I knew you were someone special
When I first saw your smile today
I knew because the way you smiled
In my life, you would have to stay

Filling my world with loveliness
Which I greet daily when I see you
I found my heart deeply falling
And my mind knew not what to do

I had to try to find new ways
That would get you to notice me
I wanted to get closer to you
So my presence you would need

I had to convince you, darling
In my world, you had to stay
I found each night as I slept
Your image would never fade

I knew what I was praying for
Hoping you would grow a need
To have me close to you in life
And you too would dream of me

Many new things start to happen
As one begins to fall in love I say
I find many pleasurable emotions
Since my eyes saw you that day

What I embrace now I find I need
To fill my life in so many ways
As love continues to grow I know
Your reality of love will never fade.

(April 1977)

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