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A single moment in time where
Many lives share the same space,
As energy intertwines with
Soothing breaths destined to
Stay within our souls

Spirits dance together even
Though they existed years ago
Far away, their DNA still
Remains close, deep in the
Treasure chest which adorns an
Innermost chamber within our

And love is given birth and
renewal in this timeless place,
Still blossoming as sweet
Memories flood the night with
Majestic rhythms

Life becomes a key part of
A treasured wisdom which lines
The walls of each past dream
Found alive in souls and minds

Making one reach out touching
The eternal peace and lasting
Joy that comes from the many
Breaths of our beloved ancestors
Anointing prayers of love

A mind comes to realize it has
Always known and tasted its
Share of the succulent
honey of their many prayers,
Which fills our souls with a
Sweet desire which always
Seems to stay a part of us…

Because we were formed for your
Pleasure to bring happiness
To the halls of your heavenly
Kingdom, and I will in my mind,
Heart, spirit, and soul, always
Belong to only You my Lord.

I hear songs from long ago of the
The ancients from around the world,
those who chose to open their heart
to you I still hear their rhapsody
Of melodies which have left their
Spiritual imprint on our beings
That they at another time enjoyed

And like them, I always belonged
To You the One living God, as they
Did very long ago in another time
And place when they made their
Decision to serve you

I continue to blossom in the
Fullness of your love and amazing
Spiritual grace passed from
Generation to generation from
Those who existed before me

You will always be my exquisite
Timeless beginning, the sweet
River of nourishment which feeds
my spirit, leaving me to know I
Will taste of your love every
Day of my life.

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