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And when she falls asleep
It is never in entirety,
For her sleep is touched
By a breath that finds a
Home on her lips setting
To flame an intense fire within
While massaging the deep desire
Which makes a home within
Her pure heart, awakening her
Passion and the glow in her eyes

Because within the kiss
Is a melodic love song
Who’s embracing rhythms
Cannot be held back
For they are always driven
By the deep yearning which her
Heart has now claimed
Ownership of, filling always
The longing which she will
Never let depart from her life.

And the blessing of love is
Shared always with the coming
Of each new day, for we know how
It will begin and the place where
It will always rest, hidden deep
Within our hearts where our love
Will never die, and where the kiss
Has its treasured place for so
Many infinite timeless moments
Always providing a sweet blessing
Of love.

My wife has been a little ill
lately, so I wanted to make her
smile, and thank her for the
never-fading kiss which always
stays with me each day!


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