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When first we met many years
Ago, I never imagined I could
Meet someone whom I would
Cherish for a lifetime

That I would fall in love
With someone, whom it felt
like I have known forever
In another place or time

It’s so easy to embrace you,
To talk to you, to believe
In you, to listen to all the
Things on your mind

Giving you my full attention
So I might always know those
Things which are important to
You in your life

It’s so easy to be with you
No matter the reason, sharing
The many moments in a day,
Being married to you, always
Knowing you are my best friend

Wife is such an easy word
To call you, but you are
So much more with all that
You do, say, and share which
Are so very meaningful

I can embrace you in a soft
Moment of love, of friendship,
Of need, and of happiness or
Sadness, for you are always
There for me

And my heart easily pains
When you are not with me
Because of its need to be
Close to you, and the need
For the closeness to last

And even though years ago
I Thought something like
This would never happen to
Me, love became a beautiful

When God chose you to be my
Wife with your genuine
Selfless heart which continues
To blossom daily in my life…

Happiness is alive and well
And its all because of you.

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