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I often wonder if you ever felt
The warmth of my love inside
Knowing that you were a true joy
A needed necessity in my life

I longed for you to feel special
To also realize I needed you so
I wanted you to feel the love
The best of friends alone know

For within I shared a sweet passion
One only you shared deep inside
Never asking for anything in return
Letting me under your shade to reside

You have never turned away your love
Not a single moment or day from me
Embracing me within your friendship
As I lounged lovingly in your shade

And I thank God above each and every day
For the many times we were allowed to meet
As our bond will still be a valued treasure
That within my memories I’ll forever keep.

Written for a large tree in my moms backyard, it was
always a beautiful place to relax under and think
when I was younger, it always seemed I felt the spirit
of the tree would share a hug, when I needed one. Years
later I was inspired to write this poem while thinking
about my friend, this tree!

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