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You love me and you
show me the height
and depth of your
endless love daily

Last night in the
depths of anguish
and the searing agony
which I felt, I
looked to heaven
and prayed…

While being torn apart
by the endless pain
which harassed me
from the top of my head
to my feet

I still hung on to your
promise, that we can
overcome all things if
we will only believe

I cried to you from my
soul, with my cries
echoing in the darkness

I remembered your words
as you slept on the boat
on the sea of Galilee,
‘Peace Be Still’

The pain subsided, slipping
far away from me as the
healing touch of your words
caressed my bones

I no longer suffered, because
you Lord were near and my heart
wept tears of happiness and joy,
as I fell asleep in your embracing
arms feeling the sweet healing
kiss of your Spirit.

Photo Image Credit,
arrested by grace