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Simply Put

My heart embraces you daily
As your smile sweeps me away
And I am now as always
Of your love a willing slave

It does not take much to please me
For it’s so very easy when it comes to you
You provide such simple pleasures
With everything you say and do

I try not to ever think about
How my life would surely be
If I spent it alone without your love
Right here so close to me

So I speak each day in silent prayer
To my God who has blessed me so
Who graced my life daily with your tender love
Making it a treasure I will not let go.

True Love blossoms

True love blossoms into forever pearls
Polished by eternity’s lasting kiss
And moments that started within a tiny dream
Lay on a foundation that will always last

As separate hopes and dreams now become one
Never having to struggle alone again
Two inspired hearts both took a leap of faith
For a life of love that will never end

And as we reach for the others warm embrace
Our lips still meet sharing a tender kiss
We find that as time has gently passed
How our union has become so truly blessed

For we were always meant to be
Forever living by the others side
While our love has kept us so very close
Tied together where eternity lies.

Will Always Make Me Stay

The way you look at me sometimes
Often sweeps my mind away
Leaving only images of your beauty
To help my mind pass the time of day

For the look I see upon your face
Needs not words to let me know
What the look does express so vividly
For only my heart understands it so

This day it has learned to decipher
All the looks you pass my way
No longer leaving my heart to ponder
Why you want me in your life to stay

And as I receive the loving gaze you send my way
Which always becomes the best part of my day
I find myself eagerly wanting to return to you
A look of love in that same special way.

You Take My Breath Away

As beautiful as you are
you make the Sun cry
when he slips away at sunset
because he did not want to
share your beauty with the
moon and the stars

You make the night a joy for me
When you kiss my lips and I fall
fast asleep dreaming of your beauty,
your kiss, your smile, and I sleep
so satisfied

When I rise in the morning, I find
the essence of your kiss is still upon
my lips, feeding the fire of your love’s
desire and the flames that always
burn…deep within your heart

And you are so wonderful to be near
so very tantalizing to touch, and
you are truly amazing to know…
“For you take my breath away.”

Thank you Deborah for 38 amazing years
Of marriage, Happy Anniversary!

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Lyrics/poems Wendell A. Brown
Music Mark ‘Zeke’ Sellers,
From our soon to be finished CD,
Copyright 2014.