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For all whom the Lord would call to life
To the many who will receive his voice
Those who now understand his spoken word
Who in their lives now make the right choice

For a short time not long after his ascension
When the disciples would gather and pray
Waiting on the promised spirit of their Lord
To guide them in God’s most revealing ways

A miracle happened for many in the world to see
As a message was delivered deep in their hearts
For the veil of understanding languages was lifted
As true acceptance in their spirits began to start

For as the disciples began preaching to the masses
Each in their own native language would understand
Something fantastic was happening in their lives
Being directed by their sweet risen Savior’s hands

What was spoken in the past by the prophet Joel
Became true to the most devout of Jews that day
As all,heard the spoken message of God’s Spirit
Leaving many  speechless without words to say

For though they were from many different countries
Faraway places having languages all their own
The promised Spirit of God now opened their hearts
As His living word will now inhabit many new homes

For many in the massive crowd were called that day
Who hungrily embraced the message they heard true
Chose repentance and were baptized with living water
As they began the new life which they now did choose

For that day was a new beginning for a sinful world
Which for many centuries it had yearned to come
The day of God’s promise being received by many
A life gift of love  from His one beloved risen Son

And even now as each day passes in our lives
While His living word is read around the world
People still receive His message in their language
Always treasuring it as the most valued of pearls.

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