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radiating blossom sunset

Each new sunset is a precious treasure
Which fills a beautiful heart with joy
Its beauty radiates a vibrant energy
While such genuine feelings it employs

Each ones life alone is a masterpiece
Painted lovingly by our Lords hand
We are moved by this daily reminder
When we are once again allowed to stand

The sweet blessing its life brings alive
Makes a thankful heart express its love
Praising god with many new precious words
For his constant blessings from up above

Tonight when I close my eyes to rest
I know my spirit shall feel his peace
As my heart will sleep so very assured
Knowing my God lovingly watches over me.

Photo Image Credit,

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers and Words,
Thanks for sharing the inspiring picture,
My sister in Christ, it reminds me of God.
May your new day be amazingly blessed!