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Soft melodies dance inside of my head
Spawning deep within a mystic symphony
Filling my soul with a strong yearning
For the love my heart now needs to see

And unlocked in a unique form and fashion
Is a genuine love which really yearns to be
A part of a heart which is just as warm
Who in my life is the truest of loves to me

Within me there is such a strong urge
To search the world for this missing part
Which will insure the gift of ultimate bliss
For my very own lonely and forsaken heart

Today I pray thanking God in a great way
For bringing His tender amazing love to me
Because now for once I truly feel alive
As in His secure love I can finally breathe

Among the bliss of soothing heavenly melodies
I find His peace and grace alive in my heart
Knowing I have found a perfect sanctuary
Which I pray from my life never departs.

(December 1976)

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