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While men change laws to
meet their own needs making
bribes a legal thing, there
is One above who views it all
knowing the misery it will

You were given a position of
power by those who voted you
In, but you forgot them because
of paper colored green, along
with your greed which grew

You have become liars, and
money changers even while
you say you believe, but even
the demons in hell are known
for saying those same things

You have given your soul to
mammon, your heart and spirit
to serve other so-called gods,
and you think I am not watching
from my heavenly throne above

But here is a word of caution
that I now will speak to you
if you do not recluse yourselves
there will be a place in hell
because of the evil you now do

For I will not stand idly by
watching you destroy the weak
and needy, while you fill your
heart with greed and ungodly
lust for material wealth and

For I will soon take away
your life twice, casting your
spiritual essence into the
eternal flame

And I will give the worldly
things you once owned to one
who will always seek to
embrace the higher spiritual

which honor their Holy God.

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