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With breathtaking eyes full of affections new
You delivered to my heart a new song to sing
While enchanting my mind with your true love
Filling me with the blessings your love brings

With my eyes full of love’s fire I try to bind
A love dearer than the riches of ancient kings
For the apple of my eye is now queen to my mind
As I became a captive to her loves sweet tyranny

The angel of fortune for my life now provides
A physician with power to cure me it seems
Of the sadness which once chilled my heart inside
Flowering me with sweet answers to all my dreams

Being certain today of my minds truest intentions
I deliver all my affections to your waiting heart
Knowing as this moment becomes timeless and exquisite
You were destined to become my life’s treasured part.

June 6,1977

One of many poems written we both
the month we married…once a genuine
love embraces your heart, it will
never…let you go.

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