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I know your spirit and heart within well
I know their melodic and soulful rhythms
I know every ebb and flow within your soul
All of the ups and downs you daily face

I know the genuine sincerity found deep inside
Living in the place which only my eyes can see
Inside of you I planted a seed of lasting love
Which shall blossom each day you praise me

And you can call to me during each waking moment
When the sun shines brightly or when the night is king
In times of great famine, and even greater abundance
My reward to you will be the sweet answers I bring

For knowing all your daily thoughts which you share
The times of drought when life is not going very well
I know whom you treasure and trust most in your life
And in those moments you will be comforted and held

I shall always be the one who will provide your breath
When you falter not being strong enough to get it done
I shall be the one who will lift and refresh your spirit
Giving you an enduring strength to always overcome

I will provide you with a love that shall not leave you
One whose reliability you can always trust and believe
For my promise to you will be my everlasting bond
Leaving you confident I will provide everything you need.

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